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Step Out Mr. Frog Getting his Eyes Checked
American Diabetes Association
Back Row: Lion Dick, Lion Tony, Lion Horace, Lion Gene,
Front Row: Lion Paula, Lion Margie, Lion Tammie, Lion Wayne
American Diabetes Association
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American Diabetes Association
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American Diabetes Association
Mr Frog

The Arlington Lions Club was first chartered on January 20,1949. Lions is our Slogan and stands for: "Liberty, Intelligence, Our Nations Safety" Our Motto is simple and pure: "We Serve" In 1950 we had a lot of Firsts: Including first backstop at Bruce Park, our first Fish Fry and Shrimp Diner, First sale of Blind Products: Brooms and Mop's.

In 1951 We sponsored the First Boy Scout Troops for Arlington. In 1953 we had our first Carnival.

1954 rolled around and we placed cement benches at bus stops, we then sponsored Jr. and Sr. Baseball Teams. 1955 the Lioness Club formed,  also the Bicycle Safety Program was formed and we had our first annual Baseball and Football Banquet's. 

In 1956 we built the first part of our building, had our first Christmas Tree sale and our first pancake day.

In 1958 we had our first "Lions Bite" written and issued. Arlington Lions Youth Club and (Youth Dances) were in place. We also had our first kitchen facilities in use. Today we call it Billy T's kitchen. 1959 Thursday night Dinner Meetings were inaugurated.  Adult entertainment was introduced (BINGO).

1960 Annual light bulb sale began along with the first scholarship and the first  Scholastic Achievement Banquet was held. In 1962 Youth Dances came to an end.

Beginning in 1964 we sponsored our first eye operation and we purchased property west of the club house. In 1965 we hosted the Lions State Convention.

We built a new club house addition on the west end of the clubhouse  in 1966.

1968 brought us Pop Warner Football  and in 1969 we were able to put in lights and build a grand stand for the old football field.

By 1970 Bingo had become popular and we were able to give up other fund raisers. Later on from 1970 to the present we  bought more land and expanded the club to it's current size and were able to sponsor current athletics and more.

On March  25, 2015 the Arlington Eye Clinic opened up. Council Woman Joyce Morgan of our Council District was the Master of Ceremony.


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